JSLPS – eLearning Course “Management of SHGs and its Federation” ( स्वयं सहायता समूह एवं संघ प्रबंधन )


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Introduction   :

Success of any community based programme is substantially dependent on the capacity of staff engaged in programme implementation. In poverty reduction programme, this becomes one of the key success parameters. Since 20013, National Rural Livelihoods Mission has  expanded to every state in India. Continuing with  intensive operation under NRLM, Jharkhand has become one of the leading NRLM compliant states.  JSLPS, the implementing agency of NRLM in the state, has established its operational units at state, district and block level and deputed more than 600 professional and para-professional staff there to work on the ground. While working through operational units, JSLSP has also supported community institutions (SHGs and their federations) to create community professional cadres and get their support for implementation on mission mode. At present around 2000 such community professionals are working in the field. JSLPS has observed that the community professionals and frontline staff of JSLPS, especially at sub block and village level, have limited exposure of trainings which is essential to support NRLM operations in the field. Hence, after assessing the current situation, it is evident that a lot of human resources requires intensive knowledge of poverty reduction approaches and practical skills to extend need based assistance to community institutions.

Brief description of the Program or scheme   :

e- Learning course on “Management of SHG and its Federations” is an innovation for community professionals and community cadres like Active women (AW), Book Keepers (BK), Master Book Keepers (MBK), community coordinators (CC), Community Resource Persons   ( CRP), Personal Resource Person(PRP), Bank Sakhi(BS), Field Training Coordinators (FTC), Ajeewika Krishi Mitra (AKM) etc. who plays vital role in program implementation in the field. The objective of this course is to enhance knowledge to understand and apply different rural poverty reduction approaches in the state; and develop skills among them to successfully support the management operation of community based institutions primarily the SHGs, Village Organisations and further federal aggregations. it is expected that JSLPS will have a well-trained cadre of field staffs and community professionals applying knowledge and skills to implement the NRLM and other poverty reduction programmes. This course will also set a mile stone for other organizations who are directly or indirectly working among SHGs and its federations for eradicating poverty

Benefits provided under the scheme   :

With the prolific growth of SHG federations there is a huge demand for trained professionals to increase the effectiveness, performance as well as credibility of community based institutions. It is this unfulfilled need of the development sector in general and SHG and federations in particular that Chaitanya launched two courses in partnership with TISS in the year 2012 for management of Community based micro finance institutions.  Chaitanya now proposes to collaborate with JSLPS to provide low cost trainings through E-learning mode for the rural youth to be immediately employed with a development perspective and belief in change.

Eligibility criteria for the beneficiary : 10th Pass

Scheme implementation process:

Being a foreeunner across India, Jharkhand State Livelihood Promotion Society has successfully launched an innovative e-Learning Certificate Course on “Management of SHG & Federation” on 28th March 2018 at Project Bhawan Dhurwa, Ranchi.

Curtain raiser of the course was done by Sri Paritosh Upadhayay, Special Secretary, Rural Development Deptt., GoJ cum CEO-JSLSP. Among other dignitaries present were Managing Director, Chaitanya-WISE Ms. Kalpana Pant, Asst. Professor, TISS- Mumbai Ms. Lata Das, Chief Operating Officer–JSLPS, Sri Bishnu C Parida, Project Director JOHAR, Sri Bipin Bihari Prasad, and State Coordinator- State Resource Cell, JSLPS cum Course Director Sri Arindam Mishra along with 50 enrolled students of 1st batch ( March to Sept 2018 session). The event was also graced by unveiling the Brochure, Prospectus and launching of the website
www.shgelearning.com of the course.

The Modules of the course are mentioned below:

    • This 6 month online course is designed in simplified Hindi language that is easily understandable for the students having the minimum qualification of 10th pass. Since, it is in an e- learning self –study format, the student can complete the course within one year. In case the students are not able to complete the course within one year, they need to reapply.
    • The course has two levels- Basic and Advance, where basic course carries 4 modules on institution building and its operational issues under financial, social and development aspects; whereas advance course has 3 modules on management, governance and sustainability issues.



  • e- Learning certificate course is of 20 credits and has eight modules of two credits each, along with 4 credits for field work. The course content is in Android based software in Tablet which would be given to the student for self-learning. Besides, there is 15 days of contact classes of six hours each, which would be conducted at  SIRD, Ranchi in Jharkhand.
  • Online registration in website www.shgelearning.com has been made accessible for direct enrolment in the course. The website also provides information regarding the course details, curriculum et al.
  • Appropriate tools like short videos, animation, calligraphy and story-telling is expected to make the course even more appealing to the students.
  • 50% of the course evaluation would be based on performance during the course completion for field work, the students would be expected to upload videos of SHG, cluster and federation meetings etc. and the rest 50% of the evaluation would be based on final examination for which students would be expected to come to a centre.
  • The Course Fee is Rs.10,000 that is to be paid in 2 installments by the students directly to Chaitanya.

Yearwise or monthwise number of beneficiaries :

Batch No Session Start Session End
1st March 2018 August 2018
2nd September 2018 February 2019
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