Block Building Major Block

Name of the scheme :

Block Building Major Block

Brief description of the scheme :

Block offices act as an interface between government and rural population. Block buildings constructed about 50 years ago under community development plan are ravaged and are no longer suitable in current political / administrative environments. Therefore, for better handling and monitoring of plans in blocks and to facilitate citizens and thus to improve administration’s image by assessing the block building’s status wherever necessary, construction of new block buildings is to be started.
480 unit plans are being implemented in 80 blocks of the state (six unit plans per block)for the construction of block-cum- circle offices, housing of different level of personnel and campus development and miscellaneous works from the amount released from 13th finance commission. Out of these, 335 unit plans are completed and 145 are under progress. Under the state plan, constructions of block buildings in certain blocks beyond those selected in 80 blocks are also in progress.
By selecting such blocks as per requirement, construction of all such block- cum -circle offices is to be constructed in three consecutive FY 2016-17, 2017-18 and 2018-19. Under this plan, a total 181 blocks have been selected, out of which 80 blocks have been selected for FY 2016-17.

Benefits provided under the scheme :

  • Construction of Block Building

Eligibility criteria for the beneficiary :

  • all block of the state

Scheme implementation process :

  • scheme is implemented through government agency which is RD special division.

Budget and fund related data of the scheme :

  • for FY 2017-18 there is budget provision of Rs. 13150.00 lac.

Contact detail of officials :

Serial No Name Designation Department
1 Mrs. Neelam Lata Deputy secretary Rural Development department
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