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The Rural Development Department, Jharkhand implements several programmes that aim at alleviating rural poverty through creation of infrastructure, by generating sustainable employment opportunities for the rural poor. There is program which caters to skill development and promotes opportunities of self employment for eligible categories of individuals and Self Help Groups.
The Department of Rural Development is implementing a number of programmes in rural areas through the state Governments for poverty reduction, employment generation, rural infrastructure habitant development, provision of basic minimum services etc. The important programmes presently being implemented by the Department are: MGNREGA, IAY, PMGSY, SGSY, NRLM, SAGY, PMKSY, MPLADs, MLA Scheme, DRDA & Block Admin.

  • The Department has the responsibility to implement Special Centrally Sponsored Rural Development Schemes.
  • The schemes are coordinated and implemented by the District Rural Development Agencies with the help of Block agencies and other line departments.
  • The Panchayati Raj Institutions are also fully involved in planning, execution, monitoring of schemes at the field level.
  • The Engineering Wing of the Panchayati Raj Department is providing the technical assistance and supervision.
  • The department monitors the Progress of schemes through periodical reports viz. Monthly/Half-yearly/Annually.

Sustainable and inclusive growth of rural area through a multi pronged strategy for eradication of poverty by increasing livelihood opportunities, providing social safety net and developing infrastructure for growth and improvement of quality of life in rural area of Jharkhand.

Sustainable and inclusive growth of rural India.

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